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Classic Strip Casinos

Las Vegas Sign & Cadillac Tailfin - On-Line Photo Store Banner 11.

Old Las Vegas Cadillac

Most every image in our Old Vegas Strip Galleries comes in various sizes up to 40"x30". This particular lithographed
, selected from artist David Fischer's Collection,
is only available in size 13"x13". Its price is $14.99.

Old Vegas Strip Posters & Prints
1941 - 1975


InOldLasVegas.com, in affiliation with Art.com, brings you the very best, carefully selected pictures
and reprinted postcard enlargements of the Old Las Vegas Strip. Take a look at out special selections.
We've spent hundreds of hours choosing the very best Old Vegas images for easy searching and shopping.

Framed Old Vegas Strip Posters & Photos - Banner 12.

All photos, in the Old Strip Galleries, below, can be purchased with or without frames, on different
qualities of paper. With over 170 different Classic and Modern Deluxe Frames to chose from, plus an
unlimited choice of Single, Double & Triple Mat options - you can design a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Framed Photo-Print of the La Concha Motel on the Old Las Vegas Boulevard Strip.

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For Example: Type in La Concha Motel and add the word Vegas to specifically find items of your own choosing.

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Old Las Vegas Strip Aerial Photos Banner 1.

This aerial photo, of the Old Las Vegas Strip, is circa 1967-68. It shows the Dunes (now the Bellagio), Caesars Palace,
Castaways, Frontier, Stardust, Bonanza (now Ballys), Flamingo, Flamingo Capri, Holiday Inn, Sands (now Venetian),
Desert Inn (now the Wynn & Encore), Riviera, Thunderbird and the Sahara hotel-casinos.

If you need more information on the Photo & Video History of Old Las Vegas visit our parent website.

Framed Vegas Aerial Print as Seen in a Bathroom Setting.

This aerial Las Vegas print is available in five different sizes: 16x12, 24x18, 32x24, 40x30 and 48x36 inches.
It can be purchased on standard poster paper or premium papers, stretched-canvas or as metal print (printed
on sturdy aluminum) for scratch-resistant, high-durability in potentially moist, outdoor patio or bathroom settings.

Las Vegas Postcard Posters

Grouped Vegas Casino Photos - Banner 23

LEFT: Dunes Hotel-Casino 1955 / RIGHT: Riviera Hotel-Casino 1955

The pictures (above), along with all the thumb-nail images seen in Gallery One (below) are high-quality,
lithographed, reprinted enlargements of 1940s-60s Las Vegas postcards. Printed on heavy-duty paper.

Enlarged Las Vegas Casino Postcards - Banner 29

LEFT: Thunderbird Hotel-Casino 1948 / CENTER: Stardust Hotel-Casino 1964 / RIGHT: El Rancho Hotel-Casino 1941

Sizes available for these Post Cards Enlargements are: 16x12, 24x18, 32x24 and 40x30 & 48x36 inches.

Decorate Your Rooms with Framed Las Vegas Art

Framed Las Vegas Riviera Gambling Photo in Green Living Room - Banner 8

Riviera Hotel-Casino 1955

Framed Las Vegas Sign Photo in Brown Room - Banner 33

All photos and art pieces are available in Standard-Paper Poster form or on Premium-Archive Paper.
You can also choose from over 170 Deluxe Wood or Metal Frames in Classic and Modern Styles.

Vegas Welcome Sign Grunge - Banner 22

Welcome to the Las Vegas Strip - 1958 Sign

This grunge-scuffed photo comes in one size: 18"x24" for $14.99

Fifties Vegas Tourism Poster - Have Fun in the Sun.

Fun in the Vegas Sun

'Daytime Sun, Night Time Fun' - Fifties Tourism Poster

Western Airlines Tourism Poster for 1950s Las Vegas.

Western Airlines 1950s Vegas Tourism Poster

Framed Vegas Art Hanging in Kitchen.

Framed Sands Hotel Photo Print.

Fifties Sands Hotel & Casino

Framed Vegas Neon Sign Photo in Bathroom - Banner 37

Silver Slipper Roadsign

All photos are Digitally Printed on Archival Photographic Paper resulting in vivid,
pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display.

Vegas Photos from the Life Magazine Collection

Time-Life Photo Collection Banner

Old Las Vegas Strip Photo-Art Banner Showing Dunes' Showgirls on Stage.

1955 Dunes' Showgirls

This Dean Loomis Color Photo is from the exclusively licensed Time-Life Collection. Prints come in
four sizes from 16"x12' thru 40"x30" on Standard or Premium Archive Paper.
Art is also available digitally-printed onto 100% cotton, high-quality Stretched Canvas.

Showgirl Photos from Two Vegas Casinos - Banner 25

LEFT: 1959 Stardust Showgirls (by Raplh Crane) / RIGHT: 1956 Sahara Showgirls (by Dean Loomis)

Vegas Showgirls Backstage - Vegas Photo Store Banner 8.

1955 Dunes Showgirls Stage-Side

Vegas Photo Store Banner 17.

LEFT: 1959 Showgirl Group / RIGHT: Blonde Showgirl

These two Ralph Crane photos appeared in Life Magazine's February 2nd, 1959 issue.

1950s Las Vegas Casino Floor Photo - Banner 29

Dunes' Roulette Table with Rita Moreno & Jayne Mansfield

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Old Las Vegas Strip - Casino Photo Galleries

Photo of the Remodeled Flamingo Casino-Hotel - Banner 37

Night View of the Flamingo Casino & Hotel

Photo shows the 1953 remodeled front of the 1946 Flamingo Hotel.
This photo comes in three sizes: 16x12, 24x18, and 32x24 inches.

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